New build just out (not on sourceforge yet, lets see if there are any other minor fixes first). The updated version has a few minor quick bug-fixes. A few new things but mainly a bug fix:

  • Fixed a crash when parsing external commands.
  • Installer (i hope) will be better (in ...

New nightly

Posted by mickem at 2008-06-18

Fixes an issue with the NRPEClient.

 2008-06-18 MickeM * Fixed an issue in regards to reading the return packet in the in the NRPEClient (now it works). Before only the first 1024 bytes were used.

Just wanted to thank OP5 for arranging and inviting me to Nagios Nordic Meet ( A really amazing event with a lot of interesting speakers as well as a lot very very of nice participants from around the world. It was really overwhelming to see that ...

Good news everyone (if you live in Sweden and/or the Nordic region). I shall be attending the Nagios Nordic Meet ([]) so if you have any questions ideas or suggestions please feel free to bump into me and ask them live :) The attendance has been ...

as always... sorry for the lack of updates but things are moving forwards albeit a tad slow. Main reasons beein 1. refacttoring the settings system takes a while (it is a lot of new code to write) 2. work is a bitch at the moment. And no, I actually dont ...



Posted by mickem at 2008-04-01

I hope no one finds this too offensive but I added google ads as an experiment, more to see if it generates any revenue then to get money from it. I will let it run for a few weeks and then evaluate the result. If anyone thinks it is a ...

I have gone over the docs (wiki) and I hope updated most things to reflect the "new" 0.3.1 version. If anyone finds anything amiss let me know And remember: nows the time to suggest new features for 0.4.0 version! :) // MickeM


0.3.1 Released!

Posted by mickem at 2008-03-11

Well, only a week or so late :)

A lot of new features and fixes, a lot more then intended in fact, in this maintenance release. I will try to update the wiki to reflect this new version during the coming week or so but writing documentation is pretty boring so ...

After looking for a few days now and not finding any way to add spam filtering to the trac discussion plugin I wrote on myself. SO hopefully there shall be less forum spam now. It is a bit of a hack since I don't know much about python nor ...


0.3.1 RC3 out!

Posted by mickem at 2008-03-05

New RC out but nothing major, installer has some tweaks, and a few fixes/additions in the eventlog module. Sorry for the delay, but I was away at High Voltage Festival in Hanau and another gig in Köln enjoyed some nice powernoise instead of coding last weekend :) The change log ...


0.3.1 RC2 out!

Posted by mickem at 2008-02-26

I sort of skipped RC1 (or at least I never posted it) anyways here is a spanking brand new one which actually is not that new. Main new things are; * the installer (Yaaaay!) it is just a quick hack so don't expect much. * the NRPE client module now works ...


New w32 nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2008-02-20 Langenen

A few tweaks and fixes and some new stuff (nothing spectacular) * New option System/NRPE section: string_length can be used to tweak return buffer size (for 0.4 we will rewrite so this is more dynamic) With this option you can set the return data for NRPE to be larger ...


New w32 nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2008-02-11 Langenen

Finally the long awaited (not really, but was a b*tch to fix) encryption support for NSCA module has been fixed. We only support: None, Simple XOR, DES, 3DES (Triple DES), CAST-128, xTEA, BLOWFISH, TWOFISH, RC2, RIJNDAEL-128 (AES), SERPENT) as they were reasonably "straight forward" the others had various "problems ...


New w32 nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2008-02-03 Langenen

Would be interesting to get some feedback on this. Since there is still a lot of issues with the locale and PDH I have decided to make a 3.1 release "soon" that will fix this (have been in the nightly a while now). ANd while I am at it ...


NSCA Module

Posted by mickem at 2007-12-09

First version of the NSCA module is out. Module can be used to supply passive check results to nagios (instead of active checking). This is a simple mock-up which lacks many features (encryption to name one) but it would be interesting to know what people thinks of the "concept" and ...


0.3.0 Released!

Posted by mickem at 2007-12-04

Finally, after much strife and hardship, the new version seems to be stable (or possibly all my wondrous beta testers (yes... I mean you, there can be only one) have just been lazy and not reported all the bugs they found in the RC :) Anyways, for those will on 0 ...