I really don't want to release this as I haven't had time to test it properly (and see what happened last time I didn't test properly). But hopefully it will at least work better then the previous build. '''NOTICE''' A major change is that the NSC.ini file now needs an option to allow NSClient++ to read it (so if that is missing (and it most likley is as it is a new option) NSClient++ wont even start! [Settings] ; ;# USE THIS FILE ; Use the INI file as opposed to the registry if this is 0 and the use_reg in the registry is set to 1 ; the registry will be used instead. use_file=1 If you dont add the above to your setting file you will endup with the following: e .NSClient++.cpp(162) Could not find settings: No settings method specified, cannot start e .NSClient++.cpp(106) Service *NOT* started! The reason for this is that you can now have the settings in the registry if you so wish. (to test this enable the RemoteConfiguration module and try the follwoing: NSClient++.exe RemoteConfiguration ini2reg NSClient++.exe RemoteConfiguration reg2ini This is not perfect (actually it is sort of buggy so roundtripping is not a good idea, but you can move from INI -> reg without problems) The RemoteConfiguration has *major* security implication so I wouldn't use it unless you really want to (you can use it for moving the registry but safely enough though) but leavnig it there means anyone with NRPE access can reconfigure you client (not a very secure thing). 2006-04-04 MickeM * Fixed a few more bugs to the INI/REG readers * Could all magicians stop trying to kill me? *Please* i don't like to die! * Damn necromancers! stop 0wning my ass all the time! * Added API for saving/reading settings * Added REG/INI parsers * *NOTICE* You need to add an option (use_file=1) to your nsc.ini file or new builds wont work. * Oblivion f*cking roxx! * Fixed bug in INI-file reader (memory leak) * Fixed bug in CheckFile (now dates work correctly)