Again untested, but I haven't had time to setup a test environment since the "hibernation" during summer... But no major changes so hopefully it will work :) '''HUGE''' thanks to "Johnny Wetlaufer" for the logo (im gonns do the resize a bit better in photoshop when I heve the time) ! '''Thanx''' * Fixed a W2k3 "bug" (actually just an incorrect error) but the: "e .PDHCollector.cpp(130) Failed to query performance counters..." is no more... + Added option to NRPE/NSClient section to not-cache host names (for dyndns etc.) NOTICE this is "not safe" really in so far as someone might hi-jack your DNS and quickly gain access to your nagios box (probably only a theoretical problem but hey! :) NOTICE this is "slow" since all hosts in the list are "looked up" each time you get a NRPE/NSClient request it will be "slow" but I think it is not that much of a problem really. NOTICE I dont have the posibility to test this so feel free to report if it works and if it doesn't. Set cache_allowed_hosts=0 to disable host cache