New w32 nightly up!

Posted by mickem at 2008-02-03 Langenen

Would be interesting to get some feedback on this. Since there is still a lot of issues with the locale and PDH I have decided to make a 3.1 release "soon" that will fix this (have been in the nightly a while now). ANd while I am at it I will add the following new features: * NSCA support * LUA Script support * Enhancements to the eventlog check. * Improved SysTray functions and dialog. The NSCA support is for thos who want to use passive checks only (using this nagios-server you can have the client "phone home" with results instead of nagios asking all the time). LUA scripts is for those who want to have a bit more control, there you can write and modify your own checks "inside" NSCP without the need for external script, don't know how interesting it is but it is there. The use-case that brought this on was: "I don't want the demon to do X can you change this?" With a LUA script '''you''' can change it :) Enhancements to the event log check (and keep coming up with more ideas) * A unique filter (only return 1 log entry for each problem-kind. * Fixed "time-zone" issues (entry are now returned in the proper local time and not UTC) * New %message% format option to display the *proper* eventlog message instead of the previous crap :) Enhancements to the SysTray dialog are numerous: the dialog has been reworked and an API to list/describe commands have been implemented. I would really like to get some feedback on the new modules as well as the new eventlog check., I will try to finalize some issues and have a release out by the end of February or so. // MickeM