as always... sorry for the lack of updates but things are moving forwards albeit a tad slow. Main reasons beein 1. refacttoring the settings system takes a while (it is a lot of new code to write) 2. work is a bitch at the moment. And no, I actually dont do this at work, so work usually comes first :) 3. New hosting provider. I will soon move things over to slicehost so hopeefully the speed will improve. I will also then add so you can register users and such on the trac site. 4. Forms of Hands :) For those not well wersed in the noise subgenre of electronic music it is a really nice festival in gladbeck germany that i usually attend. Right now I am sitting at the, always excelent, Station hostel in cologne (Køln) posting this on my nokia n810 having a cold one :) Hopefully the new settings subsystem will be functional in a week or so and after that we will se some new features I hope :) // MickeM