Good news everyone (if you live in Sweden and/or the Nordic region). I shall be attending the Nagios Nordic Meet ([]) so if you have any questions ideas or suggestions please feel free to bump into me and ask them live :) The attendance has been kindly sponsored by OP5 ([]). And in other news the new settings systems is "working" (and a huge improvement if you ask me) and I am now playing around with the API and a mock-up of a future configuration UI! So expect betas for 0.4.0 hopefully soon after the conference. As always I am swamped in problems, this time a water main broke in my wall so last week I was living "with friends" so everything takes a lot longer, but I have an "evacuation apartment" now but it still means half my stuff are in my old apartment and half is at a friends place with the last half (yes I suck at math) in my new apartment. Fortunately I live in Sweden, the land of cheap wireless broadband, so I am actually programming via terminal server over a HSDPA wireless modem! And it works splendidly so hopefully hence forth I shall be better insulated against water leaks :) [[Image(]] // Michael Medin