[[Image(http://www.netways.de/uploads/pics/3rdNagioskonferenz_Logo_72dpi_02.jpg)]] Just a quick shout out to everyone in Germany I will be attending '''and speaking''' on the NetWays Nagios Konferenz 2008 in Nuremberg on September 11. - 12. 2008. My session (late Friday) will, not entirely unsurprising, be on Windows Monitoring with NSClient++. And if there are any ideas and or things you want me to mention let me know. It would also be of interest if anyone have any thoughts on the issues I will talk about so feel free to let me know at: michael (at) medin (dot) name. - Conference: [http://www.netways.de/english/nagios_konferenz/y2008/] - My session: [http://www.netways.de/nagios_konferenz/y2008/programm/v/nagios_nsclient/] The session will be about: Getting the most from your windows monitoring experience. Learn how you can take the step far far beyond the simple cpu/mem/disk checks. '''Short introduction to windows monitoring:''' - Various agents and what they can do. - Various monitoring schemes and how they can be used. '''EventLog monitoring:''' - Introduction to eventlog monitoring with NSClient++ - Filtering events: Monitor problems not noise! - Short demo '''WMI monitoring:''' - Introduction to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) with NSClient++ - What can you check: WS 2k8 has over 100 providers. - Short demo '''Beyond the basics:''' - Writing your own scripts // Michael Medin