This is the reason: [[Image(]] Whilst at the summer house I started to wonder why they always cover the lawnmower with a tarpaulin every time so I went to the barn and found some old boards and such and decided to build a "garage". Since it was a bit of a "for fun" project everything was built scavenging in the barn so everything is a bit "off" and leans and nothing is perfect... but it sure is nicer then a tarpaulin and it was pretty fun to just build something from scratch without any plans ideas or even a blue print. Unfortunately the rain free summer decided to end so I had to go out to rescue the half-built garage from the rains and storms. Ironically the tarpaulin I had covered the garage with blow off in the storm so there was some minor water damage to the roof. Anyways now it is a lot more finished (still need a door as well as a wall above it) so I think it will survive the weather for a few more weeks... // MickeM