Hello, A new version is about to be released I would say next week (unless something happens) so I will start out:ing RC,:s during the weekend. The latest nightly build (NSClient++-Win32-20080905-0714.zip/.msi) is pretty stable. It has been tested on NT 4.0 (SPx), w2k, XP as well as Vista. It has a few major improvements and a lot of fixes. The highlights are: * New reworked SystemTray that works on Vista and "beyond". * Improved exception/error handling. "out-of-the-box" the new SystemTray is disabled and you can enable it via the "shared_session=1" option under [settings] in nsc.ini. Be warned that the "new" SystemTray will remain in beta through out the next version so only enable it if you are comfortable with the risk of running beta software. :) If the option is "off" (default) it should not have any major impact. So try it out, let me know how it works out and hopefully by the end of next week there will be an ├╝ber stable 0.3.4 version :) // Michael Medin