Posted by mickem at 2008-09-27

For those who keep track I have just merged the trunk with the 0.3.6 changes so soon there might be nightly builds from that branch but we shall see. I have some ideas on re shuffling the order of the "new features" as well, mainly moving the graphic configuration UI to a later build (possibly 0.5.x or beyond) and instead focus on moving the sockets over to boost Asio (a socket library) as well as some other minor changes. The main reason being that it might allow me to start sketching on a new "protocol" to "replace" NRPE but we shall see. I am also working on some improvements to the install (the 0.3.x branch) so there might be a 0.3.6 version in the near future (a few weeks) which will have a slightly improved installer. There is also plans on a new "CheckFile" command with a syntax similar to the EventLog to make it more useful (it is already there in a sort of beta for 0.3.5). I also need to go and update the documentation since there is a new version but that is boring so we shall see when I get around to doing that ;) // Michael Medin