Hello everyone. Since I assume I have a lot of readers on this "blog" I figured you were all worried thinking I might have died so I better post a status update. '''NO''' I am not dead! Anyways, I got fed up with my old apartment when I had the third (if you remember) water leak earlier this summer. So I ended up in the exchange queue for a new apartment at my land lord and got an offer for a new apartment which I accepted. [[Image(http://c-chi.nakednuns.org/image_data/53205/full/IMG_0821.JPG)]] Then we have this moving thing, I sort of estimated "on the outside" 3-4 days moving, one day packing, one day moving and one day unpacking. And boy do I feel stupid 2 weeks later when I just barely have unpacked my things. I shall never move again!!! But, apart from a few down-side, I kind of like the new apartment. The neighbors are actually nice, the water is actually warm, there is almost space enough for my stuff (pretty impressive that I managed to "fill" the new apartment since I just moved from 26m\^2 to 75m\^2 :) Anyways, The major drawback is that the trains run 24x7 outside my window :( And finally now I only need to save up so I can actually buy furniture, it is amazing how expensive IKEA is :) Anyways, the point of all this was to say: Sorry for not responding for 2 weeks, but now I am back again! // MickeM