Nothing major new but have been tested on NT4 and a few other images to make sure the new building subsystem and such works. Will do some more load and performance tests and unless there are any bugs new version will be out in a few days. But please take the time to try it out and help me find any bugs. I also took the time to rename all files making it simpler to find them now they are sorted on version instead of on platform. New features: * Allows specifying service name with start/stop/install/uninstall to change the default name of the service.

 2009-01-30 MickeM * Added support for changing name and description of service from the /install command line NSClient++ /install [gui] [start] [service name] [description] NSClient++ /uninstall [gui] [stop] [service name] NSClient++ /start [gui] [service name] NSClient++ /stop [gui] [service name]

// Michael Medin