Not much news in this build which contains a bunch of bug-fixes as well as a compleate version of the new installer. * CheckFileAge (was broken) * NSCA config option time_delay was off by 1000. * Eventlog monitoring with descriptions flag was crashing on x64. * CheckProc works better on x64 * New installer is "finalized" The RC is called X this time as I did not want to rename all the others. If no one reports in bugs this will become 0.3.6 release in 24 hours or so. Full change log:

 2009-06-07 MickeM * Fixed issue with CheckFileAge incorrectly working in recursive mode. * Finalized the installer 2009-05-22 MickeM * Fixed time_delay option in NSCA config (now uses the correct base was 1000 times to large before) 2009-05-21 MickeM * Fixed issue with eventlog parsing and 64 bit machines (descriptions option) * Fixed issue with "modern windows" and installing the service (should not have the correct privlaiges) 2009-05-17 MickeM * Changed default buffer size for process enumeration (64K now instead of 1K should I hope work better on 64bit OS:es) 2009-05-10 MickeM + Added write support for modules to installer

// Michael Medin