Hello everyone. I have some really nice news and lets get started by a big big thank you to the guys over at [http://netways.de netways] in Germany for hosting the site. It is an amazing performance improvement! Secondly to start off the summer I have written a guide on how to use NSClient++ with Nagios (NSClient, NRPE and NSCA) it is brand new and feedback is appreciated! The [wiki:doc/usage/nagios guide can be found on the wiki] as well as a PDF (attached below). The idea is to distribute the PDF with the installation package as the first step in improving the documentation of NSClient++. Next up is 0.3.7 build which will fix a few issues and (if I have time) add some new stuff. I shall also go over the wiki and try to update the documentation but it is lengthy and (perhaps more so) boring work. As always if anyone wants to donate to the project and help keep up my documentation spirit feel free to visit the donation page and become a "fan" of NSClient++. [wiki:donate Donations are always welcome!]. And finally another big shout out to the guy at netways!