First RC of the up-coming 0.3.9 is out now! Main highlights are: * Overhauls of all disk related checks. * Introduce a brand new (CheckEventLog inspired) CheckFiles (notice the plural s) commands (CheckFile2 is now deprecated and CheckFile has been removed) * Volume support (for real this time) * A lot of "out of the box" aliases to get people started * NSCA bug fixes * Brand new (CheckEventLog inspired and documented) Scheduled task checks wich includes "windows vista" support. * Crash Handling (same as Google and Mozilla has in their browsers) * Many bug fixes and other things The details are found (as always) in the change log:

 2011-04-01 MickeM * Fixed (finally!!) the NSCA issue with multiple commands and missing "data" 2011-03-24 MickeM * Added check_updates.vbs script * Added a lot of useful(?) aliases 2011-03-22 MickeM * Added magic modifier (shamelessly stolen from check_mk) to CheckDriveSize 2011-03-17 MickeM * Added proper volume support to CheckDriveSize 2011-03-15 MickeM * Added suport for delayed start to service check (default ignored) * Added new option to CheckDriveSize ignore-unreadable which will ignore checking any unreadable disk drive. 2011-02-16 MickeM * Added new module CheckTaskSched2 which is the same as CheckTaskSched but designed for Vista and beyond. So if you want to check "new tasks" on modern Windows use this module instead of the CheckTaskSched mosule. They are exactly the same excep using different APIs (and somewhat different options) The CheckTaskSched2 is somewhat limited as the only supported keys are: title, exit_code, status, most_recent_run_time 2011-02-10 MickeM * Fixed issue with where filters and & operator * Added exact bounds to CheckTaskSched * Added conversion of status from string * Fixed time handling in CheckTaskSched to be "UTC" (hence the %most_recent_run_time% syntax string is also UTC) 2011-02-01 MickeM ! BREAKING CHANGE! * Removed deprecated command CheckFile * Deprecated command CheckFile2 * Added new command CheckFiles which replaces CheckFile2 and CheckFile Command has the new where filter syntax like so: CheckFiles path=D:tmp pattern=*.exe "filter=version != 1.0" "syntax=%filename%: %version%" MaxWarn=1 * Replaced undocumented CheckTaskSched with a new where filter based command. CheckTaskSched debug "filter=exit_code != 0" "syntax=%title%: %exit_code%" 2010-12-26 MickeM * Improved crash reporter to support BOTH archive and send. * Improved crash reporter to archive under APPDATA (Local Settings/NSClient++/crash dumps) * Started on the new CheckNSCP (internal health plugin) * Added a "text description" file to crash dump folder to see which version crashed and what not. * General improvments to the crash helper. * Added check_nscp which is a basic command to check the internal health of NSClient++ * Added check_files (script) submitted by 2010-12-25 MickeM * Fixed issue with performance coutners and erroneouse pointers in some rare cases. (Thank you google breakpad) * Added date to crash reports (to make it simpler to find correct symbols) 2010-12-14 MickeM * CheckEventLog: Fixed so type can be compared to various string keys: error, warning, info, auditSuccess, auditFailure * CheckEventLog: Fixed so invalid parses are reported better (check the "rest" buffer) CheckEventLog file=Application "filter=generated gt -600m AND message LIKE 'Click2Run'" ... WARNING:Parsing failed: AND message LIKE 'Click2Run' * CheckEventLog: Added support for "not like" operator. CheckEventLog file=Application "filter=generated gt -600m AND message not like 'Click2Run'" ... * CrashHandler: Added several options to the crash handler (so it can be configurable) Everything reside under the [crash] sectiuon and the avalible keys are: * restart=1 # if we shall restart the service when a crash is detected. * service_name= * submit=0 # if we shall submit crash reports to * url= * archive=1 # Archive crashdumps * folder=/dumps 2010-12-13 MickeM + Added not responding detection to CheckProcState All "hung" processes will be considerd "hung" (and not started/stopped) When process is "not hung" (badapp.exe) CheckProcState quake.exe=stopped badapp.exe=started notepad++.exe=started OK:OK: All processes are running. CheckProcState quake.exe=stopped badapp.exe=hung notepad++.exe=started CRITICAL:CRITICAL: BadApp.exe: started (critical) Where as when it is hung: CheckProcState quake.exe=stopped badapp.exe=started notepad++.exe=started CRITICAL:CRITICAL: BadApp.exe: hung (critical) CheckProcState quake.exe=stopped badapp.exe=hung notepad++.exe=started OK:OK: All processes are running. 2010-12-12 MickeM + Added initial support for google breakpad This means if nsclient++ crash two things will happen now. 1. Crash reports will be sent to (this will be optionalin the near future) 2. service will restart You can try this out in /test mode using the "assert" command. 2010-11-14 MickeM * Added the "extended NRPE payload packet patch" Should have done this years ago but alas I have not. This allows you to (with a patched NRPE) send and recieve more then 1024 chars (in a backwards compatible way) cf: To enable this you set the following. The value is the number of packets we allow. [NRPE] packet_count=10 NOTICE for this to make sence you need to extend the "main payload buffer" which will most likely run out. [Settings] string_length=16000 This value "should" be NRPE:packet_count*NRPE:string_length(1024) 2010-10-17 MickeM * Added new command timeout which runs a command in a thread and timeouts after a given time. *NOTICE* this is not a good command to use since it will leak memory/resources when it "kills threads" * Added new command: negate which can alter the result of other commands 2010-09-29 MickeM * Reverted a merge miss in CheckDisk * Added so IN (...) accepts strings without qoutes in the SQL Query syntax of CheckEventlog * Added new "parsing structure" str(...) to create strings in the SQL query without using ticks (') to allow "nasty meta char thingy") * Extended error parsing (eventlog messages) to allow up to 24 arguments (up from 11) 2010-08-04 MickeM * Added performance data display when missing bounds 2010-07-28 MickeM * Fixed issue with NSCA server and closing sockets (no flushes the datat before) * Fixed issue with performance data units beeing incorrect: before: B, K, M, G, ... noew: B, KB, MB, GB, ... * Fixed syntax errors in performance data extra ';' dropped and spaces added propperly Result now looks like so: ... |'C: %'=42%;10;5 'C:'=229.66GB;39.06;19.53;0;390.62 'D: %'=99%;10;5 'D:'=3.39GB;20.55;10.27;0;205.54 * Fixed issues with caluclating netmask (also added support for spaces and tabs in the hostlist string. 2010-06-02 MickeM * Fixed a few issues with listCounterInstances