Updated Roadmap!

Posted by mickem at 2012-02-16

Just a quick shout to let everyone know I have updated the road map and classified all tickets (ish) as well as assigned them to 0.4.0, 0.4.1 and future. The idea with the next few versions are: milestone:0.4.0:: RC2 out now, release in the next month or so. milestone:0.4.1:: A month or so after 0.4.0 with fixes and updates milestone:0.4.2:: Next major release which improves scripting and simplifies monitoring as well as updates the Windows Subsystem making NSClient++ much better to monitor modern windows. milestone:0.4.3:: Maintenance release for 0.4.2 (again a month or so behind with fixes and updates). milestone:future:: Everything I haven't planned yet... // Michael Medin