Hello, Another RC out now. Main focus for this one has been fixing bugs and making sure various things works. The good thing is I have now closed almost half the tickets (many of then was already fixed). And hence forth I plan to work more actively at closing defect which means defects will work better for bugs/feature requests then forum posts. There are mainly minor tweaks and updates in this version so nothing really to write about. But hopefully most things will now work. Please try it out and let me know if you have any issues as I hope to release 0.4.0 pretty soon! And if I have forgotten/missed an issue you have reported before please remind me I tend to miss some defects when time drags out and I get sidetracked! // Michael Medin Full changelog:

 2012-03-11 MickeM * Fixed a lot of issues with the installer * Added so the installer can generate a config file for you * Fixed so installer uses the correct path for password and allowed hosts 2012-03-08 MickeM * Major improvments to the WMI command line syntax. You can now: list namespaces, list classes, list instances as well as run queries. Means you can use NSCLient++ as a almost full featured WMI command line client. For details use: nscp wmi --help * Added sample python WMI script to list all classes in all namespaces * Fixed so if python scripts does not expose init and shutdown they will not be called * Added new option --simple to CheckWMI wmi commands to return a simple list without formatting. 2012-03-06 MickeM * Added "back" WMI Query command line exec like so: nscp wmi --exec wmi-query CheckWMI Command line syntax: Allowed options: -h [ --help ] Show help screen -w [ --wmi-query ] arg Query to execute -l [ --limit ] arg Limit number of rows -n [ --namespace ] arg (=rootcimv2) Namespace nscp wmi --exec wmi-query --query="Select * from Win32_Process" --limit 2 2012-03-05 MickeM * Fixed so time/date comparissons are actually done in UTC (fixed for real this time!) * Added a series of testcases for CheckFiles (test_w32_file) 2012-03-04 MickeM * Added new dot-net API (Which does not require any strange wrappers) * Added brand new sample C# plugin * Fixed issue with python unit script loading usig the wrong default options 2012-02-21 MickeM * Added new module CauseCrash which has a single command CrashClient to allow the service to be crashed remotly *WARNING* Dont use this command, it is for debugging and testing purpouses only * Fixed issue with BreakPad which was disabled * Fixed some unix issues (sorry but hudson's stopped emailing me again:( ) * Fixed service --install (now sets correct options) * Fixed service --install (now sets description correctly) * Fixed log level defined in protobuf (now same as rest of the system) * Fixed some issues with the check_nscp command 2012-02-20 MickeM * Fixed NRPE buffer issue * Added test case for 65K NRPE buffer length as well as 1Mb * Added support for not regexp as operator to filters (Eventlog) (#463) * Added support for computer as filter keyword and format keyword in EventLog (#442) "filter=computer = 'foo'" syntax=%computer% * Improved messages rendering of eventlog messages a bit 2012-02-19 MickeM * Added new unit context on command line for running simple unit test cases: nscp unit --language python --script test_nsca * Added dependency on Tcpip * Dropped OS bit-match requirement so now you can install any version on x64 plattform. * Added so you can specify multiple counters for CheckCounter and poll them all in one go (#387) * Added test cases (a bit flaky) for counters. * Added ${host} and ${domain} to hostname settings option which might be used to construct your own hostname. (#428) Not 100% sure about domain as on my box the "hostname" is only a name ie. has no domain... 2012-02-18 MickeM * Fixed so too long log messages are trunacated instead of discarded * Added option to truncate logfile if to large (#358) [/settings/file logger] max size = 1000 * Added keyword to reload (settings) to reload settings store (ie. flushing the cache) (#249). * Added ability to load all files in a given directory (#366) 2012-02-17 MickeM * Tweaked a bit in regards to ExternalScripts so it works better and handles errors better (#367) * Fixed default report mode in 0.4.0 (#290) * Made NSCA Client handle timestamps like send_nsca (ie. ignoring local time) 2012-02-16 MickeM * Replaced command reader with object handler * Added support for running commands as other users (#131) * Improved pseed oflarge buffers for external commands (ie. when you return very large outputs) (#481) * Added limit to test interface message length (when messages are to long only first 4k are displayed) 2012-02-15 MickeM * Fixed missing icon on nscp.exe * Fixed missing version info on nscp.exe (#294)