Hello, Lets start off with the NSClient++ related stuff: Just posted a new RC ( which fixes a number of issues. There is still the issue with check_nt sockets crashing if you encounter this issue please send me crash dumps and logs as well as the commands your using and I shall investigate it. Changelog:

 * Fixed issue with loading performance counters (check_cpu) * Fixed default service name (nscp) * CheckWMI: Added support for lists of integers

Also the reason there have been no updates in a while is that I was getting some Oracle certifications (which are now complete (ish)). So now I am am a: [[Image(O_Certified Specialist_clr.gif)]] [[Image(OCE_clr.gif)]] The certifications I now hold are: * 1Z0-451: Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Infrastructure Implementation Certified Expert * 1Z0-543: Oracle Application Integration Architecture 11g Certified Implementation Specialist So if ever you need an Oracle SOA or AIA (not so) specialist feel free to call me :) With hindsight I have to say the certifications were pretty crappy some 60-70 questions multiple choice where the answer was rather obvious in addition to this the passing score was 60% so you could almost have guessed your way through it :) so cant really say it deserved the 3 weeks I spent studying... Could probably have passed with a lot less studying. But alas now it is done and I am certified so my boss is happy... // Michael Medin