Just found a tutorial by Henri Siponen about getting NSClient++ up and running with Nagios I figured I would share with everyone. ''Windows monitoring was fairly simple to set up but I did run into some small issues. All the guides and tutorials that I found were so outdated that they weren’t really much of a help. This guide is for the latest Nagios and nsclient versions (at least for now). Puppet module for the NSClient at the end of this post.'' ''Though a word of caution:'' I would not really advocate people to use check_nt. You will get a lot more mileage from NSClient++ using other protocols (such as NRPE, NSCA, NRDP or some such). Still it is great new (modern) tutorial written with the focus of a beginner in mind! You can find the entire tutorial here: http://awaseroot.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/monitoring-windows-with-nagios/ // Michael Medin