Hello everyone (read google bot)! Just thought Id let you know whats happening lately, I have been working a lot with 0.4.2 on the documentation generation and managed to add almost all "kinds" of modules now (still some loose end with the Client interface). This means I will very soon (read in the next week or so) update ALL the documentation to reflect the new version of NSClient++. So please have a look at the converted pages and let me know what you think about the content. * [wiki:CheckLogFile] * [wiki:CheckLogFile/check_logfile] * [wiki:CheckDisk] * [wiki:CheckDisk/check_drivesize] * [wiki:CauseCrashes] * [wiki:CauseCrashes/crash_client] If you havent noticed one of the big changes in 0.4.1 is that configuration is now self documenting and for 0.4.2 the idea is that ALL commands will be slef documenting. This means all commands will support "check_xxx help" which will return a list of available options and they can be used for. I hope this will both simplify my life but also create a much higher quality documentation! 0.4.2 will "hopefully" also ship with proper reference manuals (so you wont have to go to the wiki quite as much)! // Michael Medin