A first alpha build of 0.4.2 is out in the download section.

It is important to understand this is NOT PRODUCTION READY. There are numerous things which is NOT FINNISHED.

But I want to get feeback on the new filters and check commands so please feel free to take it for a spin in a lab enviornment. The best way to get start is install nsclient++ and use your existing configration.

Documentatiojn can be found here: http://docs.nsclient.org

Then start nsclient++ in "test mode" where you vcan get help and information.

Some commands to get you started:

  • check_cpu\ Check CPU load
  • check_cpu help\ Get help on avalible options for check_cpu
  • commands\ List all avalible commands

Please also review my post previously on this blog where I showcased how to use the new commands. Things NOT included in this build are:

  • Various modules:
    • CheckWMI
    • CheckFiles
    • CheckTaskSched (CheckTaskSched2 is included though)
  • Compatiblity layer:\ The real version will feature a compatiblity layer which will convert MaxWarn=4 into "warn=count > 4".\ This has yet to be added. THis means NONE of your existing checks currently works. But as I said this will be fixed in comingbuilds.
  • check_nt support:\ check_nt has previously been relying on hardcoded special commands which will no longer be replaced instead it will be utilizing the regular commands. THis is not yet implemented to all chekc_nt commands will cause errors.
  • Quality check: THis is a development version so I have yet to test this extensivly.
  • NT4 support (perhaps even windows