And almost everything works perfectly. And with build 23 issues mentioned here in have all been fixed so from build 23 and on wards 0.4.2 core checks are all working on all supported platforms. Next up (not sure how much time I have this week, is check_files and check_helpers)... The only major snag I noticed was check_process reports all running processes as "stopped". Interestingly it seems to get the metrics such as handle count, and memory size so only the "state" is reported incorrectly. Also I need to add so delayed services which are not started only generates a warning (and add support for filtering on delayed status). As well as a missing scaled for disk performance data which I have already fixed (will be in next build). So seems the core commands are coming along nicely. I also took the time to add a check_os_version command to report and check the version of the operating system. '''check_os_version:'''

 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_os_version Windows 2012 (6.2.9200)|'version'=62;50;50


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_cpu total>82%, total>94%|'total 5m'=0%;80;90 'total 1m'=82%;80;90 'total 5s'=94%;80;90


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_memory OK memory within bounds.|'page'=531G;3;3;0;3 'page %'=12%;79;89;0;100 'physical'=530G;1;1;0;1 'physical %'=25%;79;89;0;100


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_service DPS=stopped (auto), MSDTC=stopped (auto), sppsvc=stopped (auto), UALSVC=stopped (auto)


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_uptime uptime: -0:3, boot: 2013-sep-08 18:41:06 (UCT)|'uptime'=1378665666;1378579481;1378622681


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_process smss.exe=stopped, csrss.exe=stopped, wininit.exe=stopped, ... msdtc.exe=stopped

 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_process --arguments "warn=virtual > 200m" ...|' v_size'=0M;200;0 'smss.exe v_size'=4M;200;0 'svchost.exe v_size'=885M;200;0


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_memory OK memory within bounds.|'page'=554G;3;3;0;3 'page %'=13%;79;89;0;100 'physical'=510G;1;1;0;1 'physical %'=24%;79;89;0;100


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_drivesize D: > 3695179776|'C:'=10817593344;21179554201;23826998476 'D:'=3695179776;2956143820;3325661798


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_tasksched /test: 1 != 0|'test'=1;0;0

'''UPDATED:''' Fixed all issues mentioned here in build 23!