And almost everything works perfectly. The only major snag I noticed was check_process reports all running processes as "stopped". Interestingly it seems to get the metrics such as handle count, and memory size so only the "state" is reported incorrectly. Also I need to add so delayed services which are not started only generates a warning (and add support for filtering on delayed status). As well as a missing scaled for disk performance data which I have already fixed (will be in next build). So seems the core commands are coming along nicely. I also took the time to add a check_os_version command to report and check the version of the operating system. '''check_os_version:'''

 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_os_version Windows 2012 (6.2.9200)|'version'=62;50;50


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_cpu total>82%, total>94%|'total 5m'=0%;80;90 'total 1m'=82%;80;90 'total 5s'=94%;80;90


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_memory OK memory within bounds.|'page'=531G;3;3;0;3 'page %'=12%;79;89;0;100 'physical'=530G;1;1;0;1 'physical %'=25%;79;89;0;100


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_service DPS=stopped (auto), MSDTC=stopped (auto), sppsvc=stopped (auto), UALSVC=stopped (auto)


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_uptime uptime: -0:3, boot: 2013-sep-08 18:41:06 (UCT)|'uptime'=1378665666;1378579481;1378622681


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_process smss.exe=stopped, csrss.exe=stopped, wininit.exe=stopped, ... msdtc.exe=stopped

 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_process --arguments "warn=virtual > 200m" ...|' v_size'=0M;200;0 'smss.exe v_size'=4M;200;0 'svchost.exe v_size'=885M;200;0


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_memory OK memory within bounds.|'page'=554G;3;3;0;3 'page %'=13%;79;89;0;100 'physical'=510G;1;1;0;1 'physical %'=24%;79;89;0;100


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_drivesize D: > 3695179776|'C:'=10817593344;21179554201;23826998476 'D:'=3695179776;2956143820;3325661798


 nscp nrpe -- --host --command check_tasksched /test: 1 != 0|'test'=1;0;0