0.4.2 RC 1

Posted by mickem at 2013-11-18

Good news everyone! The first release candidate of 0.4.2 is out! This new version (0.4.2) is a massive amount of new features and is the first NSClient++ targeted at "modern windows". This means that all the old checks have been rewritten to work flawlessly with all new Windows APIs in newer Windows versions. In addition to this we have introduced the filtering concept on almost all commands which gives you unlimited power in turns of how to control your monitoring. To facilitate this we have added a set of new commands with underscore in stead of camel case. So to use the old check for cpu load you use CheckCPU and to use the new one you instead use check_cpu. When testing this new release candidate it is very important to report back any bugs, especially, any "old commands" which does not work. Last but not least there is a series of blog posts which introduces this new version [[http://www.nsclient.org/nscp/blog/category/0.4.2]] in addition to this there is at last a brand new documentation site [[http://docs.nsclient.org/]]. SO please try it out and let me know how it works out! The plan is to add the Linux checks and then come with an updated version (hopefully fixing any bugs) in about a week or so. // Michael Medin