0.4.2 RC2

Posted by mickem at 2013-11-26

The next RC is out! This time fixes many compatibility issues, and please please do keep reporting all "old commands" which does not work so I can add support for them. In addition to this there have been some massive updates on the documentation front which no is nicer to read bu also features samples! There have also been some bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here:

 2013-11-22 MickeM * Updated documentation * Added sample for most commands * Fixed syntax issues with online help * Fixed so PDF documentation builds correctly * Fixed check_uptime to be more sensible (i.e. uptime is just a value not a strange date thingy) * Added compatiblity for CheckTaskSched 2013-11-21 MickeM * Fixed some check_drivesize perfdata issues * Fixed check_drivesize type filter keyword * Fixed CheckDriveSize compatibility issues 2013-11-20 MickeM * Added support for setting source in schedules to override hostname * Fixed real-time eventlog defaults 2013-11-19 MickeM * Fixed links in documentation * Fixed bugs in documentation generator (missing sections) * Fixed hostnames for NSCA/NRDP