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Another week another release candidate.

This time I hope all CheckSystem commands should work in compatibility mode. There is one important snag currently which is that multiple warn/crit thresholds are now silently ignored. This is due to a shift in how the newer version works.

Before NSClient++ had a position based argument system which means that order mattered as this was confusing the newer commands instead have a key-based argument system meaning two arguments of things that does not stack is not possible.

I have also added some really nice features chief among them is the new lua script check_cpu_ex which provide top consumers in the check_cpu command.

I have also added %() for all expressions (before \${}) to make escaping simpler in Nagios.

You can find the latest RC if you click the http://nsclient.org/nscp/downloads  in the top right corner! Look for

// Michael Medin

Full changelog:

 2013-12-05 MickeM - RC3
 * Added suport for instances (new keyword instances) to check_pdh
 * Fixed more compatiblity issues 
2013-12-04 MickeM
 * Added check_cpu_ex.lua script to return top consumers for check_cpu command.
 * Harmonized the compatiblity layer so all commands "work the same" 
2013-12-03 MickeM
 * Added new command: filter_perf to filter the returned performance data
 * Fixed some issues (API changes) in Lua script module 
2013-11-29 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with logger 
2013-11-28 MickeM
 * Added %() for all expressions to make esacping in nagios simpler.
 * Fixed crash in check_nscp * CheckDriveSize (compatiblity) fixed support for multiple bounds will only use "one of them" though.
 * Fixed some regression issues for check_nt (disk, memory uptime, services)
 * Added $ARGS$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with variable argument lists
 * Added $ARGS"$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with qouted variable argument lists 
2013-11-27 MickeM
 * Fixed _user arguments for check:drivesize (which can be used for drives with qouta) 
2013-11-26 MickeM
 * Improved compatiblity for CheckDriveSize
 * Added total (option) to check_drive to get/check the total size of all (matching) drives
 * Fixed bounds calculation for check_drivesize
 * Fixed issue with the show-all flag beeing on by default.
 * Fixed issue with converting to byte units for very large/small numbers