Greetings all!

New big tidings. Not just the long overdue release of 0.4.2 but also a brand new web site.

I have been planning a new website for some time but haven't gotten around to it until now. Hopefully the new site will be a bit simpler to navigate and more importantly simpler for me to communicate with you. The focus now have been on creating a base site which has the information part of NSClient++ and put all the documentation in the documentation site. In the near future I will migrate the forum over to a WordPress version and see what to do about the tickets. They might go to github or something along those lines. But that has yet to be decided.

Full changelog is here:

2014-03-10 MickeM
 * Fixed server restarting listeners on errors

2014-03-08 MickeM
 * Added total object to check_files
 * Fixed registry issues

2014-03-06 MickeM
 * Fixed performance config order
 * Fixed external script alias and support for help-csv

2014-03-05 MickeM
 * Fixed crash dump issue
 * Fixed memory leak in NSCA

2014-03-04 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with CheckTaskSched and status #702
 * Improved rendering of status #702
 * Added some debug logging to eventlog to help diagnose issues
 * Fixed default crash dump folder config issue

2014-02-23 MickeM
 * Changed so uniq is default for eventlog checks (if no arguments are given)
 * Fixed drives so they are more sensible
 * Added drive_or_id and drive_or_name to configure the default "id" of drives.
 * Fixed so legacy MaxWarn/MinWarn/MaxCrit/MinCrit are treated like >= and <= (which is the original behaviour)
 * Changed so default "help" if invalid syntax is the short version.
 * Removed erronouse logging when shutting down sockets
 * Tweaked console output a bit
 * Fixed check_uptime overflow issue

2014-01-25 MickeM
 * Fixed FILEAGE check_nt command #480, #636, #642, #39 (and others)
 * Fixed delayed start issue in check_service #681
 * Fixed not regexp issue #651
 * Fixed default service name
 * Fixed issue with scan-range #683
 * Fixed uptime performance alias (and added unit s) #688
 * Fixed issue with CkeckCPU show-all: #687
 * Fixed issue with check_ping.bat #635
 * Fixed documentation for nsca hostname #690
 * Fixed validation issues with lists #605
 * Fixed so external script errors are reported againast the alias not the command #677

2014-01-04 MickeM
 * Numerous bugfixes and compatiblity fixes
 * Gone over all unit tests to make sure they run

2013-12-23 MickeM
 * Added support for unique
 * Fixed unique and debug flags in CheckEventLog

2013-12-20 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with check_nt and units beeing reounded to nearest bg, mg, kb, etc)
 * Added support for configuring performance data

2013-12-18 MickeM
 * Fixed source in new eventlog
 * Added truncate-message option to check eventlog to truncate the message
 * Added filtering of cr,lf in eventlog messages
 * Fixed performance data naming in event log

2013-12-10 MickeM
 * renamed "full config" sample to reduce confusion.
 * Fixed numerous issues with check_files and CheckFiles (now all CheckFiles unit test work as expected)

2013-12-09 MickeM
 * Fixed a crash in handling ${status} in some filters.
 * Added check_nrpe to the installer
 * Changed symbol paths (in zip) now correspond to what breakpad expects

2013-12-05 MickeM - RC3
 * Added suport for instances (new keyword instances) to check_pdh
 * Fixed more compatiblity issues

2013-12-04 MickeM
 * Added check_cpu_ex.lua script to return top consumers for check_cpu command.
 * Harmonized the compatiblity layer so all commands "work the same"

2013-12-03 MickeM
 * Added new command: filter_perf to filter the returned performance data
 * Fixed some issues (API changes) in Lua script module

2013-11-29 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with logger

2013-11-28 MickeM
 * Added %() for all expressions to make esacping in nagios simpler.
 * Fixed crash in check_nscp
 * CheckDriveSize (compatiblity) fixed support for multiple bounds will only use "one of them" though.
 * Fixed some regression issues for check_nt (disk, memory uptime, services)
 * Added $ARGS$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with variable argument lists
 * Added $ARGS"$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with qouted variable argument lists

2013-11-27 MickeM
 * Fixed _user arguments for check:drivesize (which can be used for drives with qouta)

2013-11-26 MickeM
 * Improved compatiblity for CheckDriveSize
 * Added total (option) to check_drive to get/check the total size of all (matching) drives
 * Fixed bounds calculation for check_drivesize
 * Fixed issue with the show-all flag beeing on by default.
 * Fixed issue with converting to byte units for very large/small numbers

2013-11-22 MickeM
 * Updated documentation
 * Added sample for most commands
 * Fixed syntax issues with online help
 * Fixed so PDF documentation builds correctly
 * Fixed check_uptime to be more sensible (i.e. uptime is just a value not a strange date thingy)
 * Added compatiblity for CheckTaskSched

2013-11-21 MickeM
 * Fixed some check_drivesize perfdata issues
 * Fixed check_drivesize type filter keyword
 * Fixed CheckDriveSize compatiblity issues

2013-11-20 MickeM
 * Added support for setting source in schedules to override hostname
 * Fixed real-time eventlog defaults

2013-11-19 MickeM
 * Fixed links in documentation
 * Fixed bugs in documentation generator (missing sections)
 * Fixed hostnames for NSCA/NRDP

2013-11-17 MickeM
 * Fixed CheckEventLog compatiblity

2013-11-08 MickeM
 * Improved check_nt compatiblity
 * Added back lines as alias for list in top syntaxes.

2013-11-08 MickeM
 * Finally fixed broken unit test on "linux" (Which was a case error as always, damn you ntfs!!)
 * Fixed some dependencies in the vagrant puppet conf
 * Added oracle linux vagrant profile (but doesn't seem to work :(
 * Added support for external script (Linux side)
 WARNING: No timeout handling (yet)
 * Added test cases for external script to ctest

2013-11-07 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with NSCA hostname (NSCAClient load).
 * Fixed check_nt commands
 * Added vagrant files to load-up machines and build NSClient++ (ubuntu)

2013-11-03 MickeM
 * Fixed so lua script are now loaded with a missing .lua extension
 * Fixed Lua some remaining invalid lua functio issues.
 * Fixed unit test for Lua scripts.
 * Fixed forwarding (for clients)
 * Fixed test_nrpe (lua)

2013-10-29 MickeM
 * Added json_sprit as a submodule to see if this works better.
 * Changed so json_sprit now builds using their own cmake file which means it should hopefully be better ready for future versions.

2013-10-28 MickeM
 * Compatiblity layer added for most "old" checks.
 The way this works is that CheckCpu is the old check and check_cpu is the new.
 * Fixed a lot of check related bugs
 * Added a bunch of check related options such as exclude and so on and so forth.

2013-10-20 MickeM
 * Added real-time checks for cpu and memory (CheckSystem)
 * Refactored client handling a bit to make it simpler to create stand alone clients.
 * Added check_nrpe client

2013-10-17 MickeM
 * A lot of Linux fixes
 * Refactored real-time stuff to make it easier to add in new places
 * NSCA/NRPE fixes

2013-10-10 MickeM
 * Added back CheckWMI based on new filters.
 * Fixed issues with building on Linux
 * Added support for WMI and float types (type 4 and 5)

2013-09-24 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with performance data and byte based units
 * Added total to check_pagefile

2013-09-23 MickeM
 * Removed page (since it often is wrong)
 * Added check_pagefile (to check pagefile usage)
 * removed nobp (wince it was for NT4 and we dont support nt4)
 * Removed debug symbols (since breakpad symbols work)

2013-09-19 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with skipping registry
 * Added page (commited - physical) memory metric

2013-09-17 MickeM
 * Added support for new eventlog API.
 This means NSClient++ can FINALLY! check all eventlogs on windows 2008 and windows 2012!

2013-09-16 MickeM
 * Fixed NRPE issue

2013-09-09 MickeM
 * Fixed check_multi
 * added new options to check_multi (suffic, prefix and separator) to better control the output
 * starting services (auto-start) is now a warning state.

2013-09-08 MickeM
 * Brand new filters
 * Modernised check_cpu
 * Modernised check_process
 * Modernised check_service
 * Modernised check_uptime
 * Modernised check_tasksched
 * Merged CheckTaskSched1 and CheckTaskSched2 into CheckTaskSched
 * Added check_os_version

2013-05-05 MickeM
 * Fixed a bug in the check_logfile which made filtering bail-out after the first hit.
 * Added default column-split as \t

2013-04-30 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with negative performance data
 * Added unit test for arguments and external script
 * Fixet truncation issue with performance data (#624)

2013-04-27 MickeM
 * Fixed bug added in build 95 regarding allowing nasty characters

2013-04-24 MickeM
 * Added auto-uc to get hostname as upper case

2013-04-23 MickeM
 * Added encoding option to external scripts
 * Added encoding option to NSCAClient
 * Added NSCPDOTNET.dll for making dot-net plugins

2013-04-22 MickeM
 * Fixed an issue with % in warn and crit thresholds for CheckCPU

2013-04-21 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with eventlog reset (will not rescan from the beginning if an error is encountered)

2013-04-16 MickeM
 * re-added check_nt FILEAGE option.

2013-04-13 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with binding to multiple interfaces (ie. machines with both ipv6 and ipv4 addresses).
 * Fixed some missing documentation from core settings keys such as /settings/log and /includes.
 * Added debug message warning about having $ARG??$ in external scripts wehn allowe arguments is false.
 * Removed need to escape and qoute commands for external scripts (command line will now be used as-is)
 * Fixed qouting issues with external scripts

2013-01-21 MickeM
 * Fixed two include files issues

2013-01-19 MickeM
 * Fixed Wix 3.7 and added wix to dependencies