Nín hǎo Sogou web spider 4.0\ Ní hào mǎ\ (which is Chinese for hello how are you ish)

Just thought I'd let you know I have enabled CloudFlare caching in front of nsclient.org so hopefully downloads and web site will be a tad faster but on the other hand javascripts and css and what not might be broken. My cloudflare skills are not what they could be.

So please do let me know if you run into any issues. I am new to the web optimization game but the site gets a wee bit of traffic and things are slow on and off so I thought I would try to do something about it.

The reason behind it is that the site has been terribly slow and has had a lot of issues lately. So we shall see if this improves things or note.

Interestingly one unexpected benefit of CloudFlare was the statistics dashboard. The site seems to generate a bit of traffic (and we are only partially on CloudFlare since DNS changes takes a long time to sync):

Stats from Cloudflare

If I read this correctly it seems we have several gigabytes per hour which will hopefully decrease a bit with 0.4.3 since the size has shrunk.

But this leads me to believe that there probably are several hundred downloads per day which (if true) would be pretty cool.

On another note...

I did promise some cool updates but since getting 0.4.3 to build automagically has been a pain things have been a bit delayed. But now we are back on track and last build seems pretty good. I am currently fixing some issues in 0.4.2 and will rebuild that as well but hopefully for the weekend 0.4.3 beta 1 will be out...