Greeting CloudFlare proxy!

Finally after weeks of dreadful boring but time consuming build issues 0.4.3 beta 1 is here!

0.4.3 will probably be the biggest update from a usability improvement perspective ever (but I always say that). The idea was that 0.4.3 would be a minor update, and in many ways it is, but I just can't shake the feeling that the WEB-UI is a game changer.

So what is new you ask?

Web UI

Well the WEB UI is brand new and a nice way to configure NSClient++ both if you are an advanced user or if you are a new user. The WEB UI will in the future be extended to accepting and submitting metrics and checks as well as remotely connect to a running NSClient++ instance. But currently if you have the WEBUI module (WEBServer) you can load/unload modules configure modules execute queries as well as run various commands. I would say that this can effectively replace the "nscp test" mode.


New improved "test mode"

Since I reworked the WEB test client I did the same for the regular test client os it now has many new commands to load and unload modules as well as previously execute commands. You help for details.

NRPE enhancements

I have spent a lot of time enhancing the NRPE experience for instance the multi package patch is enabled by default. Adding security and certificates is now much easier. And there is a command line client for configuring NRPE. the WEB-ui has the same thing and this will be coming to many more places so keep looking out for it.

nscp nrpe install
Enabling NRPE via SSH from:
NRPE is currently reasonably secure using ${certificate-path}/certificate.pem and ${certificate-path}/certificate_key.pem.
Arguments are NOT allowed.

Breaking change: no out-of-the box support for NRPE legacy

If you are using NRPE you are in for a chock!

In 0.4.3 we will no longer support the rather insecure regular NRPE! You can still enable support but you have to do so (in the installer or using the command line mode). So keep a heads up when you run the installer so you wont miss it.

The idea is that when NSClient++ ships a new check_nrpe will be provided which wont have the limitations of the old one.

Dotnet love!

Dot net has received some well deserved love and now actually works, there is even built-in protobuf support which means you no longer need to hand craft messages or use JSON. We also proved and build a sample plugin so you can see how to do it.


All protobuf messages now map directly to corresponding protobuf messages which means you can now if you like use JSON for everything instead of protobuf if you are writing scripts.

Bug fixes

The focus has (and still is) on bug fixes so NSClient++ contains numerous bug fixes and enhancements in addition to the above mentioned changes. As I have said before the idea with 0.4.3 is to make a bugfixed 0.4.2 so there wont be that many changes.

Whats missing?

This is an early beta version and there a lot of things missing. Most important is that I will go through all defects both on github and trac and try to close as many as possible. But we are also missing some core features.

  • WEBClient\ The WEBClient will be used to run check_nrpe like commands over the WEB-port as well as talk to external systems
  • Linux love\ I still need to fix the Linux build so it works as well as create Linux packages
  • WEB-UI: Query tab\ The query tab which was the first I did needs some more love.
  • Documentation\ I need to update the documentation in some regards but more importantly make sure I can have multiple versions on docs which it currently does not support so docs is 0.4.2 as of yet (you have to use the supplied PDF currently for 0.4.3 or the command line help).

Just let me re-iterate once more: legacy check_nrpe requires configuration!

Full changelog:

You can download it from the beta section in downloads.