After weeks and weeks and possibly weeks.

The very first Linux packages are available. Consider this very very experimental.

To install it you grab the package and do the regular:

sudo yum install nscp-4.3.60-x86_64.rpm

After this (since it is systemd) you can reload and start it like so:\ sudo systemctl start nscp.service

To make it slightly more useful you can do:

sudo nscp nrpe install
sudo systemctl restart nscp.service

Which will setup the NRPE agent is "safe" mode which means encrypted nrpe using certificate, you can also set it up in "secure mode" which would be trusted certificates but this is another blog post.

Finally to make ting slightly more easy you can do:

sudo nscp web install
sudo nscp web password --password
sudo systemctl restart nscp.service

To activate the built in web server, next point your web browser to http://localhost:8443

Everything works pretty much the same, meaning you can use all your existing plugins as well as all your regular NSClient++ commands and features. Not all checks are native on Linux yet (it is a work in progress to migrate everything but in the mean time all normal plugins work as they use to do).\ Please note that the massive size is due to Linux being statically linked (see other post about windows going dynamic). I will try to fix this in the near future but I wanted to get some feedback on the whol package thingy and all that and more importantly get some bug reports!

In addition to nscp you also have check_nrpe which supports certificates making it a tad more secure the regular stuff. once I have some time I will split the packages off into subpackages to make it simpler to install "just the nrpe client" and not the entire NSClient++ server.

Just a few words on the Linux layout:

  • /etc/nsclient/nsclient.ini
  • Configuration
  • /usr/sbin/nscp\ Main server daemon
  • /usr/bin/check_nrpe\ Check_nrpe client
  • /usr/share/nsclient\ Web folder, certificates and what not
  • /usr/lib/nsclient\ Modules
  • /var/log/nsclient/nsclient.log

Everything is owned by the nsclient user which also runs the daemon. The reason I mention this is partly to make exploring NSClient++ on linux simpler but also to get some feedback on whether this is good or bad...

Now please please, all the Linux people out there, hit me with comments feedback, ideas thoughts, flame, pull requests what not...

EDIT: Download link removed since 0.4.3 has been released, please grab that instead.