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Nagios Konferenz 2008 (more conferences)

Just a quick shout out to everyone in Germany I will be attending and speaking on the NetWays? Nagios Konferenz 2008 in Nuremberg on September 11. - 12. 2008. My session (late Friday) will, not entirely unsurprising, be on Windows Monitoring with NSClient++.

And if there are any ideas and or things you want me to mention let me know. It would also be of interest if anyone have any thoughts on the issues I will talk about so feel free to let me know at: michael (at) medin (dot) name.

The session will be about:

Getting the most from your windows monitoring experience. Learn how you can take the step far far beyond the simple cpu/mem/disk checks.

Short introduction to windows monitoring:

  • Various agents and what they can do.
  • Various monitoring schemes and how they can be used.

EventLog? monitoring:

  • Introduction to eventlog monitoring with NSClient++
  • Filtering events: Monitor problems not noise!
  • Short demo

WMI monitoring:

  • Introduction to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) with NSClient++
  • What can you check: WS 2k8 has over 100 providers.
  • Short demo

Beyond the basics:

  • Writing your own scripts

Michael Medin

  • Posted: 2008-07-30 12:59
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[update] Everyone that has a crash on 0.3.3!!!

Resolved or so they tell me...

Could you try the nightly in "test mode". I would like to know what causes the crash.

If you start a command prompt (ie. Start->Run, "cmd", <enter>) and run the following:

cd <nsclient dir>
nsclient++ /stop
nsclient++ /test
# wait till it crashes, and post the log to me (feel free to search replace out any IP/port/passwords).
nsclient++ /start

The latest nightly has some changes that might change some "crashes" into proper errors (I have changed a few assets into exceptions).

Nightly can be found under download and is called: I have gotten reports that this new build fixes this issue so let me know if it remains if not I will release a bug fixed version in the next few days or so.


  • Posted: 2008-07-28 20:45 (Updated: 2008-07-30 12:46)
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Back again....


Sorry for being "away" but I went on vacation and discovered that the fabulous Internet I used last year was "over sold" so it was impossible to use. Right now I have, to recoup, set my Firefox to auto-browse random pages so hopefully I shall be normal again in a bit, two weeks without Internet is a harsh punishment :)

Anyways, since you have all been working greatly I shall go over the back log and post replies in the next few days, need to do some laundrey and what not as well so might take a day or two...

Michael Medin

  • Posted: 2008-07-27 21:00
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New server, new domain, new upload for sourceforge new....

The server move (I hope) has been smooth and everything is working (I think). Also all the new domain are "officially" in service so point your browser to instead of the old slightly offensive nakednuns address :) Hopefully the new host will be faster and perform better also the new installation has some minor tweaks.

For instance you can now register for an account and thus get email notifications without leaving your wamil address on the Internet.

I have also uploaded new binaries to source forge and redirected the download files to the new host (forgot that last time).

Please report any problems you have as I will close down the track on the old "host" (with a redirect) tomorrow.

Michael Medin

  • Posted: 2008-07-08 22:14 (Updated: 2008-07-17 16:28)
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Moving servers

Site will be read-only until the move to a new server is complete please bear with me I hope performance will be better at the new home.

I Am currently using ByteMark? but feel the performance to be pretty bad so I shall move over to SliceHost? and see if things improve my tests show SliceHost? to be lightning fast in comparison.

Data was just migrated to the new host and domain transfers are i progress so let me know any problems you have: michael@….

This is the "new" host so everything "should" be fine here...

Michael Medin

  • Posted: 2008-07-06 22:15 (Updated: 2008-07-06 22:46)
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0.3.3 Released (and updated)

New build just out (not on sourceforge yet, lets see if there are any other minor fixes first). The updated version has a few minor quick bug-fixes.

A few new things but mainly a bug fix:

  • Fixed a crash when parsing external commands.
  • Installer (i hope) will be better (in so far as w32 and x64 are "different").
  • Namespace support for WMI.
  • Some issues with CheckDriveSize has been fixed.
  • New checks to CheckHelpers (mainly for NSCA)
2008-07-02 MickeM
 ! 0.3.3 Released (take 2)
 + Added new option alias to controll the name for performance counters when using checkfile use like so:
    checkfile alias=foo file=C:\boot.ini filter-written=>1000d syntax=gurka MaxCrit=1
 * Fixed issue with performance data and CheckDriveSize (when using "Min" bounds)
 ! 0.3.3 Released (take 1)
 * Fixed some issues (?) with the installer the w32 and x64 are now different components (GUIDs).

2008-07-01 MickeM
 + Added new option (namespace) to CheckWMI and CheckWMIValue use like so:
   CheckWMI namespace=root\\cimv2 MaxCrit=3 MinWarn=1 "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"

2008-06-30 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with CheckFile and performance data ( #156 )
 + Added option (InvalidStatus) to CheckCounter to allow other then UNKNOWN return state when counters are missing ( #167 ).
   *NOTICE* this is all reasons (so if the counter is missing or some such the same will happen not just when the instance is missing)
   Message will reflect reason.
 * Fixed issue in the arraybuffer (one of the plit functions had a problem with multiple chars of the same) ( #190 )

2008-06-25 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with CheckDriveSize and CheckAllOthers (#188)

2008-06-24 MickeM
 + Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckOK: Just return OK (anything passed along will be used as a message).
 + Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckWARNING: Just return WARN (anything passed along will be used as a message).
 + Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckCRITICAL: Just return CRIT (anything passed along will be used as a message).
 + Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckVersion: Just return the nagios version (along with OK status).
 * Better error messages in the check service thingy.

2008-06-18 MickeM
 * Fixed an issue in regards to reading the return packet in the in the NRPEClient (now it works).
   Before only the first 1024 bytes were used.

2008-06-15 MickeM
 * Applied patches from Jeff Goldschrafe <goldschr AT>
   + CheckDriveSize now uses "all drives" when no drive is specified.
   * Fixed misspellt Container

2008-06-14 MickeM
 * Fixed error message from external commands (better reporting now)

Changes in the rather broken 0.3.2:

2008-05-14 MickeM
 * Fixed memoryleak in the service checker.
     I am really sorry I usualy write better code then this.

2008-04-03 MickeM
 * Moved COM init to "core" (from WMI module)
 + Added new Check command: CheckTaskSched Use like so:
     CheckTaskSched +filter-exit-code==1 ShowAll MaxWarn=1 MaxCrit=1

2008-03-21 MickeM
 + Added command line support for process checks
   New option: cmdLine will toggle so full command lines are used instead of just process names.
 + Added regular expression matching to process checks
   New option: match=regexp (match=strings is the default and "old" way)
 + Added substring matching to process checks
   New option: match=substr (match=strings is the default and "old" way)
   This is *NOT* case blind so might be hard to use, plan to add case blindness to it in the future.
 : Sample command: check_nt ... -v PROCSTATE -l cmdLine,match=regexp,.*exp.* -d SHOWALL
 * Ohh yeah... it is 2008 this year... not 2007, fixed a few entries in the  :)
 - BREAKING CHANGE! -- Removed TOOLHELPER API as PSAPI is simpler and toolhelp is really only useful on w9x (which I don't officially support)

2008-03-20 MickeM
 + Added host-lookupos for NSCA server (#149)
 + Added option (cache_hostname=1|0) to cache the NSCA host name (Ie. only lookup once)
 * Fixed service check: check_nt -v SERVICESTATE -l CheckAll so it works as advertised (#150)
 * Fixed issue with check_nt MEMUSE/CPULOAD/UPTIME if something is "broken" they will now return an error instead of "0". (#134)
   Added option debug_skip_data_collection to simulate this (just for kicks)

2008-03-18 MickeM
 * Added some more error messages to the NSCA module
 * Added support for arguments to LUA module.
   syntax: function debug (command, args) -- args is a table with all arguments
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