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encrypt ini


sorry for my bad english. Here my question:

is it possible to encrypt the nsc.ini? ok i can encrypt the file with an external tool but after this, the nsclient doesn`t work. iam not the only admin on the server and therefor i want to encrypt the ini.

thanks a lot

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    You can encrypt (read obfuscate) the password not the entire file.

    Michael Medin

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      ok too bad.

      it will be a nice feature for the next nsclient generation. i can encrypt the hole folder but the nsclient service doesn`t know the password

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        Uhmm? Not to be negative here but...

        If nsclient doesn't know the password it will be a tad hard for it to read it :P

        I am not really sure what the purpose would be?

        Since nsclient++ needs to read the information the information will be visible in some fashion why would you need encryption?

        The idea with the obufuscation for password was to protect against a casual glance . Michael Medin

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          i need the encryption because iam not the admin/root on the server. nobody should see the nsc.ini

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            Doesn't really seem like a core feature... If someday scripted configuration will be supported I guess that would be a way...

            Michael Medin