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How average of CPU load is done


I want to know if someone know how the average is calculated for the check CPU Load.

A buffer is filled with CPU information every 1/10s. If you ask NSClient to retrieve average for 5min, 10min and 60min, how it works ?

Thanks. Samuel Mutel.

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    Sort of like this...


    char *buffer = new char[buffer_size];
    while (...) {
    	buffer[i++] = get_current_value();

    Get value function:

    double sum = 0;
    for (int i=0;i<time;i++)
    	sum += buffer[i];
    return sum/time;


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      Can you explain with an example, please ?

      With time = 5m, time = 60m ? The buffer is cleared between check ? Or it's more like a FIFO ?

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        LOL, and here I though I was beeing clear...

        Well, lets try like this. There is a round buffer. Every 10 seconds the CPU load is read and a value is pushed on the "round buffer". (hence this is always the last X readings).

        When you poll it goes through all reading in the time frame and caluclates the average of them.

        So there is no reset or anything like that...

        Michael Medin