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Passing arguments with NRPE


I'm a little bit stuck here... I try to pass some arguments to a custom script with check-nrpe, but the arguments are not passed to the script.

The command i'm using is something like ./check_nrpe -H host -P 1234 -c test-script -a arg1 arg2 arg3

On the client side i've set all 'allow_arguments' and 'allow_nasty_meta_chars' to 1

The external script def. is this: test_script=scripts\test_script.exe

How can i pass some arguments to this program? (I've tried all posts on this forum to get is work, but no can do...also with $arg1$ $arg2$...ec...)

Thanks for the help,


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    $ARG1$ should work.

    could you post:

    1. your nrpe cmd line
    2. nsc.ini
    3. ooutput from "nsclient++ /test" ?


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      Hmmm.. feel kind off stupid now, used $arg1$ instead of $ARG1$. Works like a charm now!

      Thanks MickeM, you pointed me on those caps ;-)

      By the way, great program!

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        humm, maybe I should make it in-case-sensitive?

        (if anyone thinks so: request a feature)