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Differences and help

Hello, I am a windows person....trying to change with times here. Please help.

I have setup nagios and through nrpe and check_nt; i am able to monitor windows box. now I want to use the proxy function i.e. remote nrpe proxy

  1. I need to pass username and password with domains so that monitor can happen...can someone please tell me the syntax.
  1. Also there has been mention about NSCA addon. What is the difference between NSCA and NRPE proxy


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    first off NRPE "proxy" is not a good idea if you want to check "a lot of remote hosts" (by a lot I would say more then mabe 10 orso depends a bit on how you use things) the socket is not built as a performant server.

    secondly the difference between NRPE proxy and NSCA? humm, Ill explain what each does instead:

    NSCA setup:

    [w32 box] --(submits)--> [nagios box]

    where as NRPE works like this: (notice the arrow change)

    [w32 box] <--(queries)-- [nagios box]

    and finally NRPE "proxy":

    [w32 box] <--(queries)-- ["proxy host"] <--(queries)-- [nagios box]

    but you "could" (there is no way to change the host name for submitted checks in the current version so this could work but not a good way) also do:

    [w32 box] <--(queries)-- ["proxy host"] --(submits)--> [nagios box]

    Hope this helps...


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    Not sure I underatand you correctly there is no "password" for NRPE so maybe you mean somthing else?

    anyways as for using the NRPE "proxy" you would need to add a bunch of things: (this is probably misspellt as I am doing it from the top of my head)

    [External COmmands ALias]
    remote_check=CheckNRPE -h $ARG1$ -c $ARG2$ -a $ARG3$

    then you can do:

    check_nrpe -H proxyhost -C remote_check -A remote_ip remote_command remote_argument

    (something like this, again off the top of my head so I could be wrong)


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      Mickem, first thanks for replying. Clearly understood the difference. Will try it tonight and see for myself first hand.

      Now comes the interesting question and that is recommendation of configuration for testing "agentless" 200 Windwos wks. I am seriously hoping of using WMI services to collect data using Windows "old proxy" box and then feeding the information to Nagios for display.

      does that sound do able to you. Thanks for your help.

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        If you want to do agentless WMI checking then there are "unix based solutions" (that run off the nagios server) for that so you don't actually need NSClient++ for that.

        And as for doing it with a NSClient++ proxy: depends on how many checks on how many computers you want to monitor, the server socket is not performant so you might run into problems if you try to run many checks from NRPE.