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Setup/Systray? toubleshooting

Hello everyone! I'v been running into a little bit of trouble attempting to setup nsclient. Ill give you a little background info so you are a little familiar with my situation.

I have a ubuntu server box running nagios ( and a 32bit windows 7 box running nsclient ( Both are VMs.

I started by downloading the NSclient 3.8 Win32.msi and went through the install process fine. During the install I put the allowed hosts as and left the NSclient password field blank and checked the common check plugins, nsclient server, (check_nt), and Enable NPRE server (check_npre) boxes.

Before starting the service I modify the NSC.ini file as followed:

[modules] commented out the CheckWMI.dll and RemoteConfiguration.dll by adding a # after the; [settings] for password I put: ;password= for allowed host addresses I put ;allowed_hosts= for use_file I put use_file=1

(I made the above changes because I was also following: http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/monitoring-windows.html)

I then go to the nsclient service, go to the log on tab and check the 'Allow service to interact with desktop' box

I then go to C:\program files\NSclient and click the nsclient.exe and then nstray.exe

when I click on the systray exe windows will either give me a failure prompt and close the applicaiton or the service wont start. the systray log is as follows

message \TrayWidget?.cpp 85 Attempting to launch system tray module for _solo_5164

message \TrayWidget?.cpp 133 Creating dialog..

error \TrayWidget?.cpp 123 No Active shared instance!

message \TrayWidget?.ccp 103 Reconnecting to the service.

info \nsclient_session.hpp 622 Attaching to remote session..

error \nsclient_session.hpp 575 Failed to attach to master channel: Failed to create channel 'server': Failed to create Global\NSclientPP_channel_server_write event; 2: The system cannot find the file specified.

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 594 Waiting for shared memory area to be created by core.

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Error \TrayWidget?.cpp 278 Failed to get service information: OpenSCManager failed: 5: Access is denied.

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Info \nsclient_session.hpp 598 Waiting… (solo_5164_)

Error \TrayWidget?.cpp 111 Failed to attach to shared session: Failed to open shared mempory (was never created) for: _solo_5164_

I apologize if this problem has been posted before. Thank you for your time!

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    SYstem tray is not really supported to be honest. I will try to fix that at some point but since it doesn't add anything it has a pretty low priority for me...

    Michael medin