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nsca Multiple servers mutable sites

I currently have a nagios server using both check_nt and check_nrpe on one of my clients. Rather than installing a nagios box on each site for each client I was looking into setting it up to run with a nsca server. I have read the documentation but I am unclear on one important point.

As there will be multiple servers per site and multiple sites (different clients) connecting to the ngaios box there is likely to be local ip address conflicts. As I would only be using passive checks will this be a problem how will the nagios box determine who is who as it seems to be ip baised? can it be public ip and local ip baised or will it just not work this way. I am very new to linux so complex scripts etc pose a problem.

I am sorry for such a simple question but if I set it all up and it cant do this it will be a great waste of time.

Thanks Taderz

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    Not sure I understand with NSCA (passive) there is no check in nsclient++ for ip addresses. Matching i based upon "hostnames" and not ip addresses...

    Michael Medin

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      By default hostname is the machines hostname but this can be overriden (BTW)...