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A bit of summer cleaning (new nightly with some fixes).

I have closed a bunch of issues and gone through them and fixed some of them. I shall see if I cant do the same tomorrow and then release the long overdue 0.3.3. If you have an issue you want fixed in that release get in touch with me tomorrow and I shall see what I can do. (I am mainly looking at fixing various 64-bit/installer issues for tomorrow so if there is anything else let me know)

2008-07-01 MickeM
 + Added new option (namespace) to CheckWMI and CheckWMIValue use like so:
   CheckWMI namespace=root\\cimv2 MaxCrit=3 MinWarn=1 "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"

2008-06-30 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with CheckFile and performance data ( #156 )
 + Added option (InvalidStatus) to CheckCounter to allow other then UNKNOWN return state when counters are missing ( #167 ).
   *NOTICE* this is all reasons (so if the counter is missing or some such the same will happen not just when the instance is missing)
   Message will reflect reason.
 * Fixed issue in the arraybuffer (one of the split functions had a problem with multiple chars of the same) ( #190 )

The nightly is named: NSClient++-Win32-20080701 to download click the "Download" tab above.