Hello, I have a question for you (the general public, the community, the...) Would it be considered bad/immature/evil/* to add a clause to the license for the binaries which denies for instance Lufthansa to use NSClient++? This would not change the source code (which would still be OSS) but it would restrict them from using the binaries I provide. The reason in short is they f*cked me right up the *ss when I was flying with them last week (ended up getting home one day later paying over 300 euro extra). Then in addition to this their "customer support" where extremely unfriendly and unhelpful. In essence they told "ohh... your life sucks, go buy a new one, I don't really care..." And I am thinking (since I have hits from them) they are essentially using my program for free yet they care nothing for me when I am their customer? So this is one of those questions, shall I give freely to someone who only takes from me? // Michael Medin