Hello, I will (again) this year be presenting at the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) hosted by Netways. This time I will be presenting whats new with NSClient++ covering: - 0.3.8 (with a focus on how to use the new eventlog checking) - 0.3.9 (Whats will come in the next (and last) 0.3.x version) - 0.4.0 (What are the major highlights of the up-coming new version) I will also be giving a workshop on how to monitor SQL Server using the actual SQL Server monitoring tools as a base (and how to exploit them from Nagios or what not). Apart from me the conference has two full tracks one in German and one (almost) in English (this year they seem to be missing a few sessions). The full program was presented earlier this week and is available at [http://www.netways.de/en/osmc/y2010/programm/] [[Image(https://www.netways.de/uploads/pics/OSMC_Logo_5te_Datum.jpg)]] // Michael Medin