Hello everyone, I just released a new version which features Google breakpad support. This is an initial version so don't use this in production! In essence what this means is that whenever NSClient++ crashes it will do two things. 1. Send a crash dump to crash.nsclient.org 2. Restart the nsclient++ service. This is as I said before an initial version so there is a lot of things you cant really use yet. The idea is to have tree modes of operation. 1. Automatic: meaning crashes will be submitted and service restarted 2. Manual: Dumps will be collected and service restarted. Having a check inside nsclient++ where you can check for dumps and submit them. 3. Off: Dumps will be collected. The concept is based around google breakpad which is (amongst others) what Mozilla uses for Firefox and Thunderbird and Google uses for Chrome. You can try this out in /test mode using the not so friendly "assert" keyword:

 nsclient++ /test ... ... assert

// MickeM