I have posted yet another tutorial this time on using hte client interface to both use NSClient++ as a client but also how to create various forms of proxies and such as well as accessing the clients from scripts. ''NSClient++ despite its name is most often used in server mode responding to remote calls via either NRPE or check_nt. The closest thing to a client we get in normal mode of operation is NSCA where we submit data back. But NSClient++ can act as a client as well which is not just something I use for unit testing but something which can actually be useful in your monitoring environment. A good example of a really useful feature is creating a proxy or use NSClient++ as proxies to add intelligence (see my post earlier on writing stateful scripts Enhance your monitoring with stateful scripts).'' You can find the post here [http://blog.medin.name/2012/12/16/putting-some-client-into-nsclient/]