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A new week a new RC. Last week I release RC1 which included the first ever Linux package.\ This week I will spend some time on the windows side, I will hence forth almost always release everything side-by side so whenever there is a new windows build there will be new Linux builds as well (and vice versa).

So whats new?\ Since Rc1 last week, mainly bug fixes and a bunch of Linux fixes:

  • We can now build deb packages
  • Fixed how total is handled in queries
  • Fixed units in check_memory (and checkmem)
  • Fixed some counter issues and improved error henadling a bit
  • Linux packages and installation fixes

But if you ask me the best thing is that through the magic of github there is three names in the changelog!

Massive thanks to: Pall Sigurdsson and Ben Brian for submitting pull requests!

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Full changelog can be found here:

2014-12-08 Michael Medin
 * Fixed debian init script
 * Fixed version bump script
 * Improved debian packages
 * Added init.d init script (which seems to not work BTW)
2014-12-07 Michael Medin
 * Tinkered a bit with process elevation tokens
 * added new field error to show any error messages associated with check_process
 * removed some travis deps no longer required (I think)
 * removed TODO return message from py scripts
 * updated docs
 * Fixed some restructured syntax bugs
2014-12-06 Michael Medin
 * updated docs
 * Some linux package improvments
 * Added support of validating counters (and loading other counters if validation fails of a single one)
 * #43 improved error message when English counters fails.
2014-12-05 Michael Medin
 * #45 Fixed missing %total% conversion in check_files
2014-12-04 Michael Medin
 * #47 Fixed so totals are caluclated correctly when drives are not in the filter
 * #47 Fixed so total is not affected by filtering
 * Moved function to parse arguments into a shared function
 * #59 Fixed so check_memory (both unix/win) supports both % and KMBG units.
   i.e. check_memory "warn=used>30M" now works
2014-12-03 Michael Medin
 * #60 Fixed no response for unknown file extensions in web server
 * Whoops, wrong syntax in spec file
 * Cleaned up web install output a bit #58
 * added self signed cert generation to spec file
 * Added command line interface to generate the self signed certificates: nscp nrpe make cert
 * Fixed so self signed certificates are not CA certs....
 * Merge pull request #29 from historicbruno/evtquery-error-fix
 * Merge branch 'master' of
 * Fixed threading issue in registry (which was single threaded by proxy before)
 * Merge pull request #57 from palli/fix-typo-critcal
2014-12-02 Pall Sigurdsson
2014-09-04 Ben Brian
 * Fixes CheckEventLog error handling if EvtQuery fails

Or download other associated files from here:\ [fileaway type="table" base="5" only="" exclude="md5" heading="0.4.3" sortfirst="mod-desc"]