This is a massive bug fix version and I would almost say that 0.5.0 is starting to come along nicely. There are a few structural changes I am contemplating but most of the major tings are there. If you want to take it for a spin you can visit the download page here.

The main highlights in 0.5.0 are internals and bugfixes. The most obvious changes are metrics as well as a rewamped much improved web UI. In this build have a plethora of minor enhancements and bugfixes (over 30 defects have been resolved on github).

Full changelog can be found here:

2015-11-20 Michael Medin

  • Fixed #185 extract_perf should now work as expected
  • Fixed #154 Added escape-html flag to all check commands and escape html option to all real time filters.
  • Added support for -a to check_nrpe command (Fixed #158 )
  • Fixed issue when parsing commandline with first otion as short
  • Fixed #201 negative perf data in checks
  • Renamed status to task_status as it clashes with regular status (Fixed #170)
  • Fixed issue with atomic functions missing in older boost
  • Added unit test for scheduled tasks
  • Added file in python script
  • Fixed so uninstalled is called for unit tests
  • Fixed #207 Return error when powershell script not found
  • Fixed #206 Added support for checking multiple times with check_pdh and rrd buffers
  • Fixed a build with older versions of boost issue.
  • Fixed #198 CheckLogFile not working if files does not exist on startup

2015-11-19 Michael Medin

  • Added metrics submission and fetching to python scripts
  • Added ability to run visual processes in the UI session. Two new keywords: display controls if the process is showed and session controls which process the session is run in.
  • Added support for classifying service and filtering services based on classification

2015-11-18 Michael Medin

  • Added test client command metrics to display all metrics
  • Fixed option bug in WEBServer command line
  • Fixed metrics in WebUI
  • Added metrics to internal scheduler
  • Fixed missing result in some command line execs
  • Fixed services showing twice in service list
  • Added showing location using nscp settings --show
  • Fixed pressing ctrl+c on command line

2015-11-16 Michael Medin

  • Fixed (back) formating in graphite
  • Fixed broken metrics ui
  • Fixed default values in graphite
  • Fixed reload of counters
  • Fixed collection stratgey value in web ui
  • Fixed default syntax for eventlog as well as a possible API issue?
  • Added support for space and strings in column split/line split
  • Fixed CheckLogFIle realtime
  • Fixed so clients cant override with no target
  • Added post option to only post process build on cli
  • Fixed support for old pelican
  • added --port to nscp nrpe install
  • Fixed regression issue in new harmonized scheduler
  • Fixed segv in CLI builder

2015-11-15 Michael Medin

  • Fixed check_nrpe in installer
  • Moved overiden key to the end in the installer
  • harmonized schedulers
  • Updated some installer files (web/docs)
  • Added ugly but working filter list for metrics
  • Fixed caching setting random keys in webui
  • Added restart to nscp service
  • Fixed sample python script cli
  • Fixed exec alias in python script cli
  • Fixed graphite paths for mestrics
  • Added total to check_process

2015-11-14 Michael Medin

  • Added build commandline options
  • Added build command option to build script (to skip configure)
  • Fixed issue with missing command help being target all modules
  • Fixed issue with default not beeing set as template
  • Fixed issue with python scripts and script arguments
  • Fixed some socket bugs in web ui
  • Added filtering to query and module
  • Added templates to PythonScript
  • Fixed metrics (with new py)
  • Fixed issue where default was not marked as template
  • Tried to improve error handling for ajax requests
  • Fixed logout/login issue in webui
  • Fixed disk graphs in WebUI
  • Added thread count to scheduler metrics
  • Added template for schedules
  • Fixed some PDH issues and improved error reporting
  • Fixed missing default section in settings

2015-11-13 Michael Medin

  • Fixed some issues in setting dialog
  • Added feedback to loading modules as well as proper save
  • WebUI added help to settings dialog (about tabs)
  • WEBUI: Changed to save menu is always shown and added auto save support
  • Added metrics support to clients and added metrics sending to graphite client