'''build 126''', 127 will be out later tonight whith some fixes to NSCA unit-tests. After years of vapor ware and many broken promises I can finally proudly pressent the first release candidate of NSCLient++ 0.4.0! So what can you expect you ask? Quite a lot in fact but ...



Posted by mickem at 2012-01-09

Well, I sort of promised to release rc1 of 0.4.0 on which has now become last year. This was in fact almost about to happen but unfortunately I grew ill shortly after xmas (nothing serious really). But this has keep me away from the computer for about 2 ...

I have fixed two issues in the 0.3.9 release and update the binaries. They are also on their way to sourceforge so soon you can download them from there as well. Changelog:

 2011-09-02 MickeM - 0.3.9 take 2 * Fixed issue with CheckFile and filtering on times and ...

0.3.7 Released

Posted by mickem at 2009-10-12

New version out mainly a fix for the problems of 0.3.6 version. Major changes:

  • Added argument support to NRPE Client * Some additions and fixes CheckWMI
  • Improved installer (works on w2k8 etc) * NSCA feature and stability improvments
  • New command line switchs to easily use NSClient++ from external scripts
  • Added ...

New nightly build out. Mainly this has a much improved installer so please let me know how it work out. Also if you have an old version of NSCLient++ (which is not upgraded/uninstalled propperly) send mt the install log (msiexec /l* log.txt /i ) so I can add it ...


0.3.6 Release!

Posted by mickem at 2009-06-14

Finally after and long overdue is the new version here. This is a major update and a recommended one as there are memory leaks in the previous version. The highlight in addition to all the fixes and minor things are the experimental new installer which allows you to configure some ...


0.3.1 Released!

Posted by mickem at 2008-03-11

Well, only a week or so late :)

A lot of new features and fixes, a lot more then intended in fact, in this maintenance release. I will try to update the wiki to reflect this new version during the coming week or so but writing documentation is pretty boring so ...