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2023-01-01 New version coming soon

Great news is that I have finally managed to resolved the issues I had with Python 3 and thus we have take a massive leap towards the new version. I had hoped for it to be released during the x-mas holiday this year but the Python issue took way longer then I had anticipated. I will now start on getting GitHub Action pipelines in place which when done will drastically reduce thr amount of effort to build and maintain NSClient++. After this I expect to either fix dot net pretty quickly or I will release the first version without it. There are some issues with NRPE as modern version of OpenSSL will not accept the "old Nagios hardcoded keys". So most likely you will initially have to rely on either custom keys (with stronger ciphers) or use REST.

I have plans to run a fundraiser to raise funds to add NRPE 3 support in the next few weeks.

So the overall current status is that I have now a working version built with modern libraries and most "integration tests" have passed with flying colors, so hopefully new builds will start arriving in the next week or so.

I have also updated the web-site to be a bit more modern and easier to maintain.

Core functionality

  • Boost libraries upgraded
  • Google Protocol Buffers library upgraded
  • OpenSSL upgraded
  • Python upgraded
  • NSClient++ core functionality
  • Basic Check Plugins work
  • NRPE works (Though default NRPE ciphers are no longer supported)
  • WEB Server works
  • Automated GitHub builds
  • dot-net support
  • dot-net modules work
  • Lua upgraded
  • NSCA Works

Additional things

  • Crash Pad library (Might remove this as it was not used much)
  • New WEB UI (Might remove this and instead only support REST API)

Donations needed

  • NRPE 3 support (Please donate)

Other plans

  • Upgrade checks to for modern Windows.
  • Investigate "old Windows" support (I expect the new builds will not run on Windows XP)
  • More Unit tests
  • Overhaul and deprecating/removal of outdated features
  • Code cleanups